10 Natural Things I did To Get Pregnant In 3 Months

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Are you trying to get pregnant the “old-fashioned way” but it still hasn’t happened yet? Are you considering consulting a doctor to see if there are any issues you may not know about? I faced the same challenges some of you may be facing.

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Before you drive yourself nuts thinking that something may be wrong with you, why not look into alternative natural ways to get pregnant.

I saw doctors and even did some surgical procedures to help me get pregnant, but I wish I tried some “natural” ways first. I could have saved myself thousands of dollars in the process. When I decided to try alternative natural things to get pregnant, all of the things I did happened simultaneously in a 3- month period. Some of the things I listed are pretty obvious ,but some of the things I did came from hours of research in books and online. 

Here are the 10 things I did to get pregnant in 3 months 

The Secret

I watched  the movie “The Secret”. I’m sure many of you have heard about the book and the dvd. I can truly say that reading the book and watching the DVD played a big part in helping me get pregnant. “The Secret” talks about the Law of Attraction and how you can “attract” anything and everything into your life.  Once I learned about the Law of Attraction and how powerful it was, I instantly started to use it. One speaker in The Secret, John Assarf talked about creating a vision board to attract the things he wanted. He had even been living in his house for six months not realizing that he had been living in the very same house that was on his vision board. It was at that moment that I knew I had to make a vision board too.

Vision Board

The process to make my vision board was very emotional. It felt as if I poured my heart and soul into it.  I used pictures and words like “love motherhood” “baby” “happy family”. Also, put pictures of babies on my board. I even used actual pictures of me and my husband.  I learned that the key to making a vision board is to truly BELIEVE that it will work.

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My vision board

Need some help on how to get your vision board  started? Check out my  “Free Vision Board Worksheet” here .  

Herbal Supplements

Hormonal imbalance can be a major factor in not getting pregnant. I found out that taking herbal supplements could help increase my chances of getting pregnant. Maca root is a nourishing food for the endocrine system, aiding the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands all involved in hormone balance. It supports healthy libido in women and men. It supports egg and sperm health as well. I used Maca root powder which is best described as a cocoa, chalky powder kind of taste. To make this enjoyable to take I put 1 scoop of maca root powder in my fruit smoothies daily. 

Also, as you go about your busy life you never realize how much toxins you expose your body to so I took a fertility cleanse kit that helped detox my body. The kit included dandelion root, burdock root, milk thistle seed, red raspberry seed, and goldenseal. These things were given in capsule and tea form so it was easy for me to take.

Castor Oil Pacs

I used castor oil pacs on my stomach. A Castor Oil Pack is a cloth soaked in Castor oil, which is placed on the skin to support normal circulation and promotes the general health of the body where it is applied. I did this in a quiet room, blinds drawn, with soft music playing in the background.

How to Use a Castor Oil pack

Soak a flannel cloth with castor oil and place right on the skin. Cover the flannel cloth with a sheet of plastic. Then put a hot water bottle or heating pad over the plastic to heat the pack. Then take a towel and cover the entire castor oil area and relax. As a precaution please DO NOT swallow the Castor oil. Also, do not apply it to broken skin. It should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or during menstration.


I meditated everyday for 45 minutes while using the castor oil pack. Meditation is the practice of sitting still and breathing in a controlled manner for extended periods of time. While the practice has been around for a millennia, meditation has recently emerged as a popular approach to regulating both physical and mental well-being. This was a time for me where I really needed to quiet my mind and relax since it seemed like I was so frustrated with not getting pregnant. I went on sites like Circle and Bloom and listened to guided meditations to increase fertility. At times the music was a distraction so I just closed my eyes and sat quietly for a while.

Fertility Bracelets

A friend of mine told me that rose quartz was a great gemstone for helping with fertility. It is said to encourage fertility and provide emotional stability.  So I bought a Believe Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet  which has many fertility symbols and gemstones such as the lotus flower which symbolizes the sun, creation, rebirth, divinity, and fertility. It also has hematite which balances the energies of the body, blood flow, and circulation ultimately leading to better fertility. Freshwater pearls  which symbolizes tears, provides love, fertility, as well as wards off negative events. It also has clear crystal, rose, and cherry quartz. I wore the bracelet everyday while I was pregnant, I even wore it when I  delivered my baby.


After reading many studies, I came across one from Harvard University that really peaked my interest. It said that women decreased their infertility by 80% when they did a lifestyle and fertility diet. So I started being more conscious of what I ate. Here is an example of a fertility diet I did:

When I woke up: Drank 1 quart water

Breakfast: Eggs + Oatmeal with nuts

Snack: Smoothie with banana, dates, protein powder, greens powder, maca and 2% milk 

Lunch: Veggie and chicken stir-fry with rice and sesame seeds on top

Snack: Green juice with celery, spinach, apple, ginger, and cucumber

Dinner: (Grass fed) Beef tacos with lentils and broccoli

Dessert: I ate whatever I wanted! : )


I exercised for one hour a day three times a week every week. I used the elliptical, lifted weights, and jogged.

Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Like so many people I am a huge fan of wine. One of my dreams is to become a wine conneseur someday. While I do enjoy this libation very much, I decided that if I wanted to get serious about getting pregnant, I had to stop drinking. I know that there are many conflicting opinions about whether consuming alcohol or light drinking in general can contribute to  infertility. It was a personal choice for me to stop drinking because I wanted to increase my chances of fertility by any means necessary. And hey, I put it into my mind that I was prepping my body for pregnancy anyway so it did not hurt.  

Stopped Pressuring Myself

The most important thing I did to help me get pregnant in 3 months was I stopped pressuring myself. When I tried to get pregnant and it did not work I felt like a failure. I felt like there was something wrong with me. I put me and my husband on a “baby making schedule”. It was awful. Trying to get pregnant became a job, not a beautiful act of love that it was supposed to be. Once I took the alternative natural approach one of the main things I learned was to relax. Not only did I relax physically, I also relaxed mentally. I stopped thinking about trying to get pregnant and I just had fun with my husband. It is so true what they say, when you stop thinking about it so much it will happen for you. Indeed it did.

Have any of these methods I mentioned work for you? Do you have a success story of your own? Leave a comment below.

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