Hi, I’m Anisa!

I’m a wife and mother of two amazing girls.

Throughout this journey to motherhood and parenting I have had many experiences both good and bad, which has compelled me to share my story.  Also, after reading other mom blogs out there I thought of how many stories are similar to mine and it was comforting to know that I was not alone.

I’m living proof of a mom who doesn’t have it all figured out…yet.  I’m learning more every day that life is about growth and progress, NOT perfection. Some things I’ve come to realize are:

✿ learning to take more time for myself

✿ recognizing when I’m feeling burnt out or stressed AND

✿ making sure that I stop and smell the Play-Doh. LOL! That’s really me saying that I need to spend more quality time with my kids.

Motherhood is such a roller coaster in trying to balance everything. And it all starts with trying to get pregnant. That’s exactly why this blog exists- so that we can support each other from the beginning stages of even thinking about getting pregnant, pregnancy, parenting, mom life, work life, and beyond! 

So, can we be mom friends?

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you will enjoy hearing about my journey to motherhood and raising two dazzling young ladies. I hope that we can connect through social media, email, etc. and have lasting friendships. After all, we are already bonded for being “SHEroes” now we can connect through ways to stay upbeat.

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